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Grandview Addis

Mixed Use Development. African Property Awards, Award winner, Mixed Use Architecture, Ethiopia

Cornubia Mall

African Property Awards, Retail Architecture Award winner

Whale Coast Mall

The Spectrum Award - Retail Design and Development

Leading Architect Firm in South Africa*

Bentel Associates International (BAI) is a well-established and award-winning Architectural practice, based in Johannesburg (South Africa) and Mumbai (India).

Founded in 1960, the practice has developed over the years into one of South Africa’s leading professional Architectural firm, providing innovative and practical solutions for the Built Environment and achieving commercial success for our diverse Client base. Nearly 60 years on, our passion for excellence in commercial design continues, and our extensive portfolio is testament to this.

Our commercial expertise, ingrained understanding of how design influences business, and our diverse skillset drives every aspect of our projects. With additional services which include master planning, sustainability, store planning, interior and graphic design, our multidisciplinary approach complements and addresses all creative design sectors of the building industry.

How Bentel became one of the most sought after architects in South Africa

Collaboration is a guiding force at Bentel, as we believe that the best results stem from an ongoing dialogue with our Client and an integrated approach involving the full professional team. As some of the best South African architects, we approach each project as a unique challenge to create an innovative and efficient solution.

The company boasts extensive emerging markets development expertise throughout Africa, India and the Middle-East, covering a broad spectrum of building typologies, including, inter alia, Retail, Commercial, Hospitality, Residential, Educational, Infrastructural, Healthcare and Mixed-use projects.

We seek to create landmark developments which not only exceed the expectations of our Clients, but enhance the needs of all end users, contributes to the built environment and makes long-term financial sense. Our commitment to design excellence, innovation and sustainability, continues to this day.



  1. How long has Bentel Associates International been in business for?

-Bentel was founded in 1960 and therefore has been in business for 60 years.

  1. Where are Bentel offices?

-Our offices are both in Johannesburg South Africa and in Mumbai, India.

  1. What services do you offer?

– Master planning, sustainability, store planning, interior and graphic design.

  1. Does Bentel do Sustainable designs?

-Yes it does. Bentel has a Sustainability service offering.

  1. Does Bentel have a Green Star Accreditation?

-Bentel has been accredited with a Green Star Accreditation.

  1. Is Bentel recognised for any industry awards?

-Bentel has accumulated various industry awards over the years such as: PMR Awards, African Property Awards, Steel Construction Award, Retail Design & Development Awards.

  1. Does Bentel have an Interior Design division?

-Yes, Bentel Interior Design division is called Bentel Interiors and Graphics (B.I.G)

  1. What sectors does Bentel focus their architecture in?

-It focuses on Master-planning, Retail, Hospitality, Mixed Use, Commercial, Infrastructure, Education and Healthcare.

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