South Africa’s Leading Residential Architects 

The design of residential dwelling places is by its very nature the form of Architecture to which the largest percentage of any society is closely exposed to. Residential architecture is the creation of spaces where families grow and create lifetime memories; while also conveying the aspirations and lifestyles of the occupants.

Together with these emotive aspects residential buildings also need to be practical functional spaces and aligned to various financial measures so as to ensure positive growth of the asset value over time.  Residential buildings at all sectors of the market, from entry-level housing or high-end luxury residences, benefit from good architectural design as this optimizes the implementation and experience of these various aspects.

As societies evolve, so does the way that people live and the dwellings that they require.  While in South Africa there has for an extended time been an aspiration towards lower density housing in the American model, being ownership of land with a house on it; over recent decades various aspects have influenced a move towards smaller, higher density housing models.

Most recently there has been a further shift towards smaller but high-quality private spaces with shared amenities and close proximity to places of work and leisure.

The residential architects team at Bentel is fortunate to have been involved in some of the best, award-winning, and high profile projects of this nature, including iconic buildings such as Michelangelo Towers and Legacy Corner in the heart of Sandton, Johannesburg, and more recently the large Harbour Arch development currently under construction in the Cape Town Foreshore area.

This, together with extensive experience within the core Bentel team on large residential development projects across the globe places us at the forefront of this exciting and vital sector in the industry.

The Architectural design of Residential buildings is varied in its level of complexity. While there are statutory requirements for all new construction work to be done under the guidance of registered Architectural professionals, when undertaking luxury single residences or larger multi-unit developments there is a level of intricacy and detailing that requires the expertise of specialist Architectural practices.

While strong design abilities are needed in ensuring that the spaces as designed are of the best possible quality, there is also a level of technical complexity involved in aspects such as circulation, safety, and mechanical servicing of these buildings.

With Bentel’s experience in a number of luxury high-density residential developments, we are well placed to ensure the best international practices are followed in these designs, achieving pleasing, well-functioning, and sustainable environments for the inhabitants of the buildings.

A number of Bentel’s residential projects have received Award-winning Recognition for their excellence in design over the years.  Notable recent achievements are our Grandview Addis development including 3 residential towers with a total of 183 residential units securing the 2019 African Property Award for Best Mixed-use Architecture, and more recently the Harbour Arch development in Cape Town won the title of best “Mixed-Use Architecture for South Africa” in the 2020 African & Arabian Property Awards.

Residential Architecture is a key component in shaping our cities and societies, and beyond this has an intrinsic link to the quality of life experienced by those who live in the buildings we design.



Bentel’s residential architects are privileged to be involved in some of the best, high-profile projects of this nature in South Africa and across the continent.

We are committed to delivering an exceptional quality of design and the construction of residential buildings and dwellings that are placed within the top spheres of their market segments. We also have a large portfolio of mixed-use design, hospitality architecture, and much more.