Bentel Associates International is a dynamic architectural studio of architects, technologists, interior designers, urban designers, 3-D visualizers and graphic specialists who collectively contribute to the design and implementation process of the practice. The CORE VALUES that the staff strive to display in their everyday collaboration within the office as well as in their interactions with consultants, clients and contractors are:

Integrity, passion, respect, excellence, dependability, openness, innovation, commitment, team work, honesty and professionalism

Our VISION is to become an acclaimed international leader in the field of architecture and design, and to expand our global and local client base. Our MISSION is architectural excellence through innovative design, experience and expertise.

#60 years of success by design

Bentel Associates International was founded in 1960 with the desire to create innovative and thoughtful architectural designs which would simultaneously fulfil our Clients’ aesthetic criteria as well as their imperative to build commercially successful projects.

Offering a diverse range of services which includes architecture, interiors, graphic design, store planning, sustainability and master planning, Bentel Associates International is renowned for its multi-disciplinary approach and award winning projects.

More than 60 years on, our passion for design excellence continues unabated across a range of sectors including retail, office, hospitality, residential, correctional facilities, health facilities, infrastructure and mixed use developments.

In 2004, Bentel Associates International partnered with ICS Realty to offer differentiated design solutions in the evolving Indian market. The ICS Group has interests in real estate, architecture and asset management. For more information visit

In a very brief period of time, Bentel India has marked it’s presence across the Indian sub-continent by working on projects across more than 33 cities, designing over 60 million sq. ft. of real estate space for some of the most reputed developers and investors in the country.  It is firmly established as one of the largest International architecture and planning firms in India with an ability to not only deliver world-class and innovative concepts, but also detailed design packages and working drawings.  Bentel continues to evolve as the Indian real estate market matures at a very fast pace and works with multi-national private equity funds, large listed real estate developers, land owners, retailers and operators in a diverse market.  The ‘mantra’ of success for Bentel is a steadfast control over quality, adhering to commitments, flexibility and adaptive solutions to changing customer requirements and above all – delivering long term value to Clients. 

The India studio is based in Mumbai with satellite offices in Bangalore and Delhi, NCR.  The diverse resource pool leverages the International expertise of the Johannesburg studio, matches it to local sensibilities and development regulations to deliver multiple award winning projects across India. 

Some of our notable projects include:

  • Vegas Mall, Delhi NCR
  • Oberoi Mall, Mumbai
  • DB City, Bhopal
  • Thane One, Mumbai
  • South City Mall, Kolkata
  • Mantri Square, Bengaluru
  • Pacific Golf Estate, Dehradun
  • Brigade Orion Uptown, Bengaluru

And many more…

Len Bentel - Founding Partner
Dennis Abramson - Founding Partner
Kunal Premnarayen - Group CEO and Board Member