Project Description

Monte casino is a Tuscan-themed, mixed-use development that includes a hotel, retail areas, movie houses, a theatre and a vast gaming area. It is listed as one of the ten most lucrative casinos in the world and is a premier tourist destination in Gauteng. Monte casino is one of the truest expressions of the term “shoppertainment”, which is the creation of an all-encompassing themed environment that offers a multitude of facilities and recreational options.

Dougal Design were appointed as concept architects of the scheme and partnered with Bentel to complete the project. Intensive research was conducted in Tuscany where photographs and samples were collected as visual reference to ensure the authenticity of the original architecture. All Monte casino’s architectural details are meticulously rendered. Plastering techniques recreate the dilapidated facades, and the ceilings of the pedestrian walkways are painted to replicate a changing sky. Artificial trees and Vespa scooters parked on the internal streets, all work to create a convincing authentic environment. Monte casino is a hybrid of classical architectural style combined with cutting edge retail concepts.