Project Description

Spread across 4500 acres, Wave City is conceived as one of India’s largest smart cities. This is in line with the client’s vision of recreating a Dubai like smart city feel with high commercial components and low density residential. The residential consists mainly of bungalows and row houses.

The plan was created in a sector wise manner and each sector was made self – sufficient by ensuring the presence of medical and educational facilities in the same location. Hence, the city is master planned as a “high-tech city” incorporating state of the art intelligent infrastructure; Central Command Centre, Smart Meters, Intelligent Traffic Management, Waste Management, 24X7 CCTV surveillance, Weather substation, Water management, Complete Fiber Optic Connectivity and lots more. Master Planned by Bentel, Wave City features open spaces, new well connected residential neighbourhoods and a high density financial district. The project boasts more than 750 acres of green spaces, wide roads conceived as boulevards and a congestion-free BRT network ensuring smooth traffic flow. Other planned uses include, hospitals, a medical university, religious places, educational institutions, local shopping centres, malls and multiplexes.