Project Description

Kish Island is located off the southern coast of Iran. In contrast to traditional shopping malls, which are anchored by department stores and supermarkets, the concept for the design of the Mica Mall was to anchor traditional and contemporary retailers with entertain­ment and leisure in order to differentiate the environment being created as well as the offering. The concept design comprises of two levels of basement parking to achieve a minimum of 1000 visitor parking bays, with the majority of services and loading facilities incorporated into the basement levels.

Mica Mall is designed as a multi-level mall (6 metre floor-to-floor heights) consisting of a ground floor, three upper level retail floors (first, second and third floors) and a rooftop level (fourth floor) to accom­modate mostly entertainment and food & beverage facilities.

Mica Mall is done in collaboration with DSA Architects International in Dubai.