Len Bentel

Dennis Abramson

Bentel Associates International has a rich successful history that was realized with a vision started by Len Bentel and Dennis Abramson.

The journey started in 1960 in Westonaria, close to Carltonville, in the West Rand. Len Bentel and Dennis Abramson began a partnership in the town, following which they moved the office to Johannesburg, opening up a branch in Braamfontein.

Originally Bentel was a general practice, providing Architectural services across a wide range of asset classes,making its name in the late 1960’s through to the 1980’s, in particular, on retail projects, and pioneered the design and introduction of internal mall shopping centres and the “Theme Centre” concept in South Africa, thus rapidly establishing as a premier retail architectural firm.

Parallel to its Architectural prowess, Bentel was approached by Raymond Ackerman of Pick ‘n Pay,in the late 1960’s, to undertake store planning for the rapidly expanding group. This marked the beginning of Bentels’ long relationship with the supermarket giant and we became the Architect for many of the developments in which Pick ‘n Pay was the anchor tenant. Later Bentel Associates was involved in the conceptualisation and design of the country’s first hypermarket, which opened in Boksburg in 1975. The concept was then developed nationally and has been highly successful.

The company was first named ‘Bentel and Abramson’. Following this the company changed its name to Bentel Abramson and Partners, and finally settled onBentel Associates International in 2003. In 2004, Bentel Associates International and ICS Realty Pvt Ltd partnered to offer differentiated solutions in the evolving Indian market.

The ICS Group has interests in real estate, hospitality, asset management and financial services. Today Bentel Associates is an award winning architectural firm known for having designed many landmark developments. Our commercial expertise, ingrained understanding of how design influences business, and diverse skill sets drives every aspect of our varied projects. With services that range from urban master planning, mixed use and infrastructural developments, interiors and graphic design, our multi-disciplinary approach addresses all sectors of the building industry.