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Greenstone: Food Court

Johannesburg, South Africa

The design hinges upon two ideas – firstly creating a food court unlike any other and secondly the idea of being in a forest, wherein people can enjoy the natural ambience in a built environment. The design mimics one’s experience when walking through the wood, which is evident by the depiction of bugs and beetles that sprawl through the circulation paths by means of an in-situ terrazzo flooring pattern. Continuing the theme of the forest, tall tree trunks are modified to function as lighting beacons. The large central tree not only anchors the various seating zones, but also offers the experience of dining under the green foliage. The suspended pergola with its laser-cut metal leaves, and the filtered, dappled light further lends to the drama of the green forest. The double volume of the architecture is celebrated by the ring of fabric lighting, etched with patterns of the flora and the fauna found in the forest.

Greenstone: Food Court
LOCATION Johannesburg, South Africa
Interior Design
1300 m²
Sasol Pension Fund